Digital Labor and Metaliteracy: LOEX Fall Focus Sneak Peek

Tomorrow I’m headed to LOEX Fall Focus on the Framework. I’m excited to learn more about how librarians are engaging with the Framework, and I’m going to present on the topic of digital… Continue reading

Smash all the Gates, Part 2: Professional Silenc*

Like the zero in mathematics, silence is an absence with a function. -Cheryl Glenn, The Rhetoric of Silence Silence always has meaning. That’s the main idea behind Cheryl Glenn’s rhetoric of silence, which… Continue reading

Smashing the Gates of Academic Discourse: Part 1

Can you just show them the databases?  This is a phrase I’ve heard a lot as an instruction librarian. I’ve thought about it, and the answer is no.  I cannot just show them… Continue reading

A Dear John Letter to the Standards

Dear Standards, I will never forget the day we met, in one of my favorite library school classes.  You were a little standoffish, a little cold.  It took some time to really get… Continue reading

Scholarly Conversation Maps

I’ve been really inspired by the new Framework for Information Literacy.  It’s given me the language–and the validation–for the kind of active learning, feminist/critical pedagogy-based teaching that I’ve always tried to do.  This… Continue reading

Teaching with the Lonely Tablet

Recently I set out to design some information literacy lesson plans for a classroom scenario where the instructor has an iPad (and a way to project it) and students have a variety of… Continue reading

Tracking Scholarly Conversations with a Lit Review Map

Part 1: Scholarship is a Conversation that Many Students Can’t Hear Earlier this week I was skulking through my Feedly and ran across an LJ Infodocket post about Spotify’s new Artist Explorer.  The program… Continue reading

Yik Yak and Metaliteracy

One of the reasons I’ve been excited about metaliteracy is because it foregrounds the need for students to be producers of information rather than simply consumers.  It makes direct reference to social media… Continue reading

Teaching (and Marketing) with Student-Generated Content

This semester I’ve been experimenting with student-generated social media content in the classroom, and, as it turns out, also for marketing and outreach.  I’ve been thinking for awhile now about the value of… Continue reading

Teaching a Credit-Bearing Class

This semester I’ve been co-teaching a credit-bearing class called The Politics of Information.  The class is about how gender, race, class, and other subject positions relate to information, and we’ve been talking a… Continue reading