A Library School Year One Retrospective

I’ve reached the end of my first year of library school–hurray for being halfway through!  In honor of this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to scratch “start blog” off my to-do list, where it has been appearing sporadically for the better part of six months.

As I look back on the work I’ve done, I’m so glad I ended up in library school.  This time last year I was sitting exactly where I am now: in my aqua-walled childhood room, recently returned from school for the traditional end-of-semester pilgrimage home.  I had just finished my master’s in English, and I was desperately searching for instructor positions at places like Turtle Mountain Community College in Belcourt, North Dakota.  Yikes.  (Disclaimer: Belcourt might be a lovely place.  I’ve never been.)  I had been accepted to library school, but I was wary of becoming a permastudent and getting yet another master’s.  But now that I’m halfway done, I’m happy that I’ve found a profession that will allow me to work closely with undergraduates, help connect people with information, be creative, and acquire a ridiculous number of cats without shame. :)When I started the program I wanted to focus on archives, but I realized I want a position where I can work closely with undergraduates.  So now I’m leaning toward reference and instruction.  Stay tuned!