Thing 2 and Thing 3

Blerg.  I am behind on my Things.  I have no good excuse.  So here goes.

Thing 2: Meet the Neighbors

Even though I haven’t been writing on my own blog in the past few days, I have been skulking around and looking at others’ when I have a free moment at work.  I found Odd Librarian Out because she left a comment on my blog, and enjoyed nerding out about how blogs are like commonplace books.  I made a visit to Info Feminist because of her awesome name and found that several others had commented on connections between women’s studies and librarianship.  I checked out Ellen Armstrong, Newbie Librarian because her title sounded like a Beverly Cleary book (high praise coming from me), and because it’s nice to talk to other “newbies” in the library world.  And I was excited to find someone I know in real life at Making of a Science Librarian.  Laura is a scientist/librarian who is also in my program.  Once in one of those depressing “How to Apply for a Library Job When There Are No Library Jobs” talks, the presenter called her “exotic” for her science background while merely lowering his eyes and shaking his head at my multitude of English degrees.  Sigh. 

It was fun to take a look at other library blogs, and I’m going to try to continue finding new blog friends throughout the program. 

Thing 3: Personal Branding

Personal branding gets Blerg #2 of this post.  The interwebs hit puberty at about the same time I did, so I think I inherited an extra measure of caution/paranoia about giving out even the littlest smidgen of personal information online.  Does anyone else remember that?  “Don’t even put your first name anywhere online or a pack of internet trolls will follow you to school!”  “Don’t tell anyone what state you live in or your identity will be stolen and you’ll be forced to take a new name and start a new life in a different country!”  Maybe I just had especially paranoid parents. 

And now I have to be fully Google-searchable, with interlinking Twitters, Facebooks, Linkedins, and maybe a Tumblr or two thrown in for good measure?  Yikes.  I’m looking over my shoulder for internet trolls as I type. 

Turns out I am highly Googleable if I add my city to my name.  It turns up Linkedin, my resume from my blog (but for some reason not my blog itself), my listing in the Society of North Carolina Archivists, some work I did with the Society for the Study of American Women Writers, and the Graduate School Newsletter I edited for UNCG.  All in all, things I’d be happy for a potential employer to see.  Once I get closer to the job search I plan to make an page that includes links to all the pieces of me all over the web (even though it sounds horribly vain), but for now I’m happy with my Google results. 

Even though it’s possible to find all these things, I don’t really have a theme or a cute name tying them together, although I do use the same picture for everything except facebook.  I’d like to work on prettifying my social media before the job search as well.