My First Tweet! Or, Thing 4

Getting twitter followers is a lot like collecting signatures in your yearbook, I’ve decided.  I mean, once you have a certain number of signatures you’re definitely cool.  And when somebody really cool signs your yearbook, that boosts your own coolness exponentially.

I have three followers.  Like the lonely emo kid in the corner who thinks she’s too cool for a yearbook anyway.  But it’s a start!  I got on twitter a little while ago and followed some people, but never tweeted myself.  Our assignment for cpd23 this week was to start tweeting and start an RSS feed.  So I tweeted.  It was nice to have reason to break the silence. 

Things I like about Twitter:

  • The search function at the top: I searched for @cpd23 and was able to see all the tweets of my fellow cpd23ers.  It’s a great way to connect people who have similar interests.  I used this tool while I was at #ala2011 a couple weeks ago as well.  It’s good in a conference setting–people were posting about sessions, where they ate, and fun stuff going on.  Unfortunately our hotel’s interwebs had a massive meltdown due to librarian overload, but I’ll definitely try to follow conference tweets in the future.
  • The lists feature: I started following the academic libraries list recommended by cpd23.  It seems focused on networking for librarians in the UK, but I like the idea. 
  • The possibility for realtime conversations.  I’m definitely going to check out #libchat this Wednesday.

We were also supposed to start an RSS feed as part of Thing 4.  I already have one and I love it.  Some of my favorite blogs I follow are:

In the Library with the Lead Pipe

Hack Library School

A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

bitchmedia’s “From the Library”