Things 12 and 13

Social media is a tricky thing.  You can use it to post 268 pictures of your kitty cat and compulsively stalk your exes, or you can use it to write yourself a golden ticket to a job (one of our recent graduates actually did that on twitter–the part about the job, I mean).  For Thing 12 in cpd 23 Things, we’re supposed to write about the value of social media for professional networking.  I’m very new to using social media for professional development (for more about my previous use, see above).  In fact, cpd 23 is my first real foray into online professional networking.

At the beginning of the program, one of the assignments was to check out others participants’ blogs, and I exchanged comments with several library students and new librarians from all over the place.  It was really fun, but I didn’t keep it up like I should have.  I guess in my experience, establishing social network connections with people I don’t know in real life is a lot of work.  First of all you have to find them, make sure you have similar interests, initiate contact without creeping them out, and then work to stay connected.  Cpd 23 is a good environment in which to build online professional networks since the program encourages us to write frequently and we’re all discussing the same topics, but I still haven’t been good at keeping up with it.  It’s going on the Google Calendar.  Right now.  It’s the beginning of a new school year and I currently have excellent intentions. 🙂

I also like using social media as an extension of real-life networks.  Our student association, LISSA, has a blog, a twitter account, and a facebook page, but I especially like the facebook page for posting quick updates and news.  Many of our students aren’t on campus frequently and we have a lot of online classes, so social media helps us keep connected.


And a sad little bit about Thing 13

Thing 13 is about collaborating using Google Docs or Wikis.  I love Google Docs.  My fellow LISSA officers and I have been using it a lot to share top-secret, extremely important documents.  Or something like that. 🙂  It’s a great way to share documents without having annoying attachments, it lets multiple people make changes easily, AND–best of all–it’s an excellent backup for documents, because, I mean, the Google Monster will never get lost like a flash drive or explode like a hard drive.


I think that’s all I have in me tonight…this first week of school has been long, but good!  Biggest accomplishment: survived my first three shifts at the reference desk!