Keyword Hot Potato, or, The Show Must Go On

Earlier this week when I was planning for a Communications 101 class I taught yesterday, I put together an activity I oh-so-cutely named “Keyword Hot Potato.”

But when I got to work this morning, for some reason I felt like this:


I had the major grump, and I was worried it was going to effect my teaching mojo.  I was definitely worried I wasn’t going to have the pizzazz required to sell Keyword Hot Potato.

But the library instruction goddesses smiled upon me, and the students ate it up.  Not only did the activity go well, their enthusiasm turned my grumpiness right around. It was a really nice moment that reminded me why I like doing what I’m doing.

Here’s the (very simple) gist of Keyword Hot Potato: Students are in pairs or groups, and each group is given a sheet of paper with a research topic.  Groups have one minute to write as many keywords as they can think of related to the topic, and then they have to pass their sheet to the next group.  Every group gets one minute with each topic, but it gets more difficult as they go along.

And here’s more info in the form of my favorite thing, a Slideshare:

It’s great when the stars align in a library instruction session.  Especially when it cures the grump.