Keyword Hot Potato, or, The Show Must Go On

Earlier this week when I was planning for a Communications 101 class I taught yesterday, I put together an activity I oh-so-cutely named “Keyword Hot Potato.” But when I got to work this… Continue reading

Let them play games!

Games-based learning is all the rage in academia/libraryland right now.  There’s a part of me that wants to have a curmudgeon explosion about it.  “Back in my day, when I was only a… Continue reading

Makerspace/Book Display

Making book displays is one of my favorite little things I get to do as a librarian.  There’s something comforting about picking out the books and bringing them out of the stacks to… Continue reading

Painter’s Tape Pedagogy

Painter’s tape holds a lot of promise.  You’re going to change something: your walls, your life…maybe a little of both. This semester I’ve been experimenting with “Painter’s Tape Pedagogy” in information literacy instruction.… Continue reading

Fall Semester Wrap-up

I wrapped up this semester by attending a workshop on active learning hosted by NC BIG.  It was a great way to reflect on the work I’ve done in the instruction practicum this… Continue reading

Problem-Based Learning

My latest reading for my practicum has been about Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which involves giving students a real-world problem to solve in groups.  It sounds like a great active learning method for library… Continue reading

Instruct and Delight?

This week I’m reading articles about active learning.  The first one I read, “Is Active Learning Like Broccoli?” discusses the results of a study  that found that students who experienced active learning reported increased retention… Continue reading

Snooki in the Library (Or, Using Popular Media in Library Instruction)

Teaching is winding down for the semester, so for my practicum this week I read some articles about library instruction.  I picked two fun ones to start out with that deal with using… Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed…

…there’s always another library class to be taught?  Last week I taught two of the same instructor’s English 101 classes.  It was a tricky situation to begin with: they hadn’t seen the assignment… Continue reading

Expecting the unexpected in the library classroom

This week I taught four classes and observed three.  Especially in the last couple of classes this week, I suddenly felt a lot more confident.  I think one of the big things that… Continue reading