Classes galore!

This has been such a busy week!  I taught four classes for my teaching practicum: two Foundations for Learning 100’s, a lit freshman seminar, and an intro to comm studies.  The first FFL… Continue reading

Reflections on NCLA

Last Thursday and Friday I went to the North Carolina Library Association Conference (NCLA).  There were a lot of great sessions, but my two favorites were about embedded librarianship and online information literacy… Continue reading

First Try at Team-Teaching

This past week I team-taught my first two classes and there were no major disasters.  Hurray!  But there’s nothing like standing up in front of 25 bored, sleepy 18-year-olds to bring you to… Continue reading

Graduate Students Are(n’t) the Worst

Due to a series of scheduling mishaps, I only observed one class this week: a graduate-level English class that is the “intro” course for new MA students and some PhDs.  Just a few… Continue reading

Creating context for library instruction

For my instruction practicum last week I observed four classes: English 101, Foundations for Learning 100, and two intro to comm studies classes.  Since these were all freshman-level classes and it was only the… Continue reading

Thing 19: Reflection on the Things thus far

Our assignment for cpd23 this week is to look back on what we’ve done, talk about what we’ve incorporated into life/work, and think about what we’d like to do for the rest of the… Continue reading

Building Research Confidence

Last week I observed three more classes for my instruction practicum: Day 2 of the upper-level poli sci class, a freshman seminar class that had to address several different kinds of research, and… Continue reading

Things 15, 16, and 14, in that order

A little out of order, but sometimes linearality is overrated.  I’m pretty sure that’s not a word, but you know…things in a row.  Moving along with cpd 23: Thing 15: Attending, Presenting at,… Continue reading

My first week of practicum observations

This semester I’m doing a practicum with the first year instruction librarian at Jackson Library.  I’ll start off observing classes, then team teach, and finally do a few on my own.  I’m really excited about… Continue reading

Things 12 and 13

Social media is a tricky thing.  You can use it to post 268 pictures of your kitty cat and compulsively stalk your exes, or you can use it to write yourself a golden ticket to a job… Continue reading