Why I want to be a librarian when I grow up (or, Things 10 and 11)

I’m still working away on my 23 Things for Professional Development and for Thing 10 I have to write about why I got into the library field, what I’m doing now, and what… Continue reading

Greenish Fuzz on my Blog!?

I am so, so very behind on my cpd 23 things.  And I have put off writing this post many times.  It got to be like when you keep waiting and waiting to take rancid leftovers… Continue reading

Thing 5: Reflective Practice

No fancy gadgets this week!–The cpd23 assignment this time around is to engage in reflective practice about our participation in the program so far.  Reflective practice, as I understand it, is a process of looking back… Continue reading

My First Tweet! Or, Thing 4

Getting twitter followers is a lot like collecting signatures in your yearbook, I’ve decided.  I mean, once you have a certain number of signatures you’re definitely cool.  And when somebody really cool signs… Continue reading

Thing 2 and Thing 3

Blerg.  I am behind on my Things.  I have no good excuse.  So here goes. Thing 2: Meet the Neighbors Even though I haven’t been writing on my own blog in the past… Continue reading

23 Things for Professional Development: Thing 1

A couple of months ago I started a blog, Twitter account, RSS feed, and Linkedin profile all on the same day.  Phew!  My old soul got overwhelmed and all I wanted to do was go… Continue reading

Fun things I’ve been reading about libraries and librarians

No, I haven’t spent the first weeks of summer poring over Library Journal.  But I have been reading some fun fiction and creative nonfiction featuring libraries and librarians.  I probably should be reading… Continue reading

A Library School Year One Retrospective

I’ve reached the end of my first year of library school–hurray for being halfway through!  In honor of this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to scratch “start blog” off my to-do list, where it… Continue reading