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Teaching with the Lonely Tablet

Recently I set out to design some information literacy lesson plans for a classroom scenario where the instructor has an iPad (and a way to project it) and students have a variety of… Continue reading

Keyword Hot Potato, or, The Show Must Go On

Earlier this week when I was planning for a Communications 101 class I taught yesterday, I put together an activity I oh-so-cutely named “Keyword Hot Potato.” But when I got to work this… Continue reading

Let them play games!

Games-based learning is all the rage in academia/libraryland right now.  There’s a part of me that wants to have a curmudgeon explosion about it.  “Back in my day, when I was only a… Continue reading

Instruct and Delight?

This week I’m reading articles about active learning.  The first one I read, “Is Active Learning Like Broccoli?” discusses the results of a study  that found that students who experienced active learning reported increased retention… Continue reading