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Greenish Fuzz on my Blog!?

I am so, so very behind on my cpd 23 things.  And I have put off writing this post many times.  It got to be like when you keep waiting and waiting to take rancid leftovers… Continue reading

Thing 5: Reflective Practice

No fancy gadgets this week!–The cpd23 assignment this time around is to engage in reflective practice about our participation in the program so far.  Reflective practice, as I understand it, is a process of looking back… Continue reading

My First Tweet! Or, Thing 4

Getting twitter followers is a lot like collecting signatures in your yearbook, I’ve decided.  I mean, once you have a certain number of signatures you’re definitely cool.  And when somebody really cool signs… Continue reading

23 Things for Professional Development: Thing 1

A couple of months ago I started a blog, Twitter account, RSS feed, and Linkedin profile all on the same day.  Phew!  My old soul got overwhelmed and all I wanted to do was go… Continue reading