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Smash all the Gates, Part 2: Professional Silenc*

Like the zero in mathematics, silence is an absence with a function. -Cheryl Glenn, The Rhetoric of Silence Silence always has meaning. That’s the main idea behind Cheryl Glenn’s rhetoric of silence, which… Continue reading

A Dear John Letter to the Standards

Dear Standards, I will never forget the day we met, in one of my favorite library school classes.  You were a little standoffish, a little cold.  It took some time to really get… Continue reading

Teaching a Credit-Bearing Class

This semester I’ve been co-teaching a credit-bearing class called The Politics of Information.  The class is about how gender, race, class, and other subject positions relate to information, and we’ve been talking a… Continue reading

Keyword Hot Potato, or, The Show Must Go On

Earlier this week when I was planning for a Communications 101 class I taught yesterday, I put together an activity I oh-so-cutely named “Keyword Hot Potato.” But when I got to work this… Continue reading

Painter’s Tape Pedagogy

Painter’s tape holds a lot of promise.  You’re going to change something: your walls, your life…maybe a little of both. This semester I’ve been experimenting with “Painter’s Tape Pedagogy” in information literacy instruction.… Continue reading

Instruct and Delight?

This week I’m reading articles about active learning.  The first one I read, “Is Active Learning Like Broccoli?” discusses the results of a study  that found that students who experienced active learning reported increased retention… Continue reading

Classes galore!

This has been such a busy week!  I taught four classes for my teaching practicum: two Foundations for Learning 100’s, a lit freshman seminar, and an intro to comm studies.  The first FFL… Continue reading

First Try at Team-Teaching

This past week I team-taught my first two classes and there were no major disasters.  Hurray!  But there’s nothing like standing up in front of 25 bored, sleepy 18-year-olds to bring you to… Continue reading

Graduate Students Are(n’t) the Worst

Due to a series of scheduling mishaps, I only observed one class this week: a graduate-level English class that is the “intro” course for new MA students and some PhDs.  Just a few… Continue reading

Creating context for library instruction

For my instruction practicum last week I observed four classes: English 101, Foundations for Learning 100, and two intro to comm studies classes.  Since these were all freshman-level classes and it was only the… Continue reading